Nieuwe samenwerking Scorad Medical en Texray

Scorad Medical just recently signed a distribution agreement with Texray effective for the Netherlands and for Texray Radiation protection devises: HeadPeace and MindPeace.

Texray is a Swedish based MedTech company and the innovators behind the patented textile technology platform with an attenuating capacity protecting users from harmful radiation. The products: HeadPeace (headband) and Mindpeace (thyroid collar) are designed to reduce scatter radiation towards the operator’s head and neck, during fluoroscopic interventions.

‘’ At Scorad Medical, we are always looking for new innovative products to reduce scatter radiation during interventions. We would like to offer a complete radiation portfolio in the Netherlands. Texray is a high-quality, innovative, and professional company with a progressive philosophy. We are very proud to become a distributor of Texray’’, says Rik Pierlo, teamleader Radiology of Scorad Medical.

The remarkable features and functionalities of HeadPeace and MindPeace are immense but may be summarized as extremely comfortable to wear and is proven by ergonomic studies, not to compromise on medical nor patient outcomes. The unique design is carefully carried out to both meet the need for a more functional, hygenic and durable shield, without putting the operator at risk. A recent study, performed at the Dortmund hospital, Germany showed that HeadPeace and MindPeace in combination may reduce radiation exposure to the operator’s brain by an additional 96%, compared to the most commonly used head-protectors on the market.

Qoute Texray:

“We are thrilled to have been contacted by Scorads knowledgeable team and for them to distribute our Texray products in The Netherlands. From the initial contact with Scorad it has been straight-forward approach and I know that Scorad are just the kind of distributors we are looking for; professional, knowledgeable, and highly service minded”, says Petra Apell, one of the founders and the CEO at Texray.